D.M.I.T ( Brain Mapping )

About the Package


Age – 5 and above

Duration : 1 hour of counselling

Being a woman is a girl, which we only consider utilizing for others. It’s me to find and bring out the best version of yourself. Maniisha is all set and here to make that happen for you. It takes a lot more than care of one’s body and mind. Being an experienced personal stylist and counsellor, she brings in a wholesome grooming experience involving skin to diet, dressing to the presentation, verbal enqueue to body language, fine‐dine, etc. Comprehensive workshops specifically designed for women to mold their best selves inside out. Maniisha believes in aptitude being a goal of day‐to‐day lives. As healing and love are the way for her to get a balance in life, she insists we fail to give importance to minute aspects of doing children to have a progressive future. Worrying on distinct pressures and pushing kids without precisely analysing deeper keys of well‐being is where the biggest problems lie. Introducing her brain‐child programs for kids and adults that she personally curated with a purpose.



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